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TutuApp for iPhone : As we all know, that we can download a lot of applications from the Apple iTunes store. Some of the apps and games are available for free, but the remaining comes with some fee. TutuApp on the other hand, promises to replace the official store and gives you access to all the paid games and apps for free.There are a lot of apps that are not available on the official app store, for an example if you want to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad; there is no such app available officially.

TutuApp for iPad ensures that you can install similar apps to get the best out of your iOS device. Let us know more about TutuApp and its features. Unfortunately, TutuApp is not available for download via the official app store. But there are several ways by which we can install it on iOS devices. Let’s jump in. For more interesting apps like MovieBox to watch full HD movies and Videos.

TutuApp for iPhone

Tutuapp for iPhone
Tutuapp download

TutuApp acts as a third party app marketplace that is specially made for iOS-based devices. By installing TutuApp for iPad, you can get access to hundreds and thousands of apps and games for free, that are otherwise not available on the official app store.

Download Tutuapp for IPhone

You can also download a lot of tweaks, tricks, hacks and cracked apps via TutuApp for iPad. One of the most popular apps ever downloaded via TutuApp for iPhone is Pokemon go.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to jailbreak your device before installing TutuApp for iPad. It is compatible with iOS versions 10, 10.2, 10.3, 11 and above.there is only one minor issue,  and that is with the language of the app; which is Chinese by default. But you can always change and set the language to English during the initial setup. Let us know a little bit more about the peculiar features of TutuApp for iPhone.

File Information

TutuApp for iPhone
TutuApp for iPhone
                File Name          TutuApp
                Latest Version            3.0.4
                Last Update             07.12.2018
                Category            General
                Downloads             8,651,485
                Rating             4.4
                 MB             8.7 MB

Features of TutuApp for iPhone

TutuApp for iPhone not only works as a standalone third-party App Store but also serves as your go-to store for downloading cracked apps and games. Here are some of the key features of TutuApp for iPad.

  • Almost all the paid apps that are available on the Apple app store are available on TutuApp for iPhone for free.
  • In addition to that, an additional Cache Cleaner and the mobile scanner is built right into the app.
  • The best part is, even the non jailbroken users can install and use this app.
  • There are myriad of applications to choose from the huge library.
  • Pre-modified and or cracks are also available via TutuApp for iPhone.
  • TutuApp for iPhone also acts as a great alternative to Cydia and Zestia.
  • You can also install multiple instances of the same application via TutuApp for iPad. Just like the parallel apps in Android.
  • so these were, some of the best features of the TutuApp for iPhone.
  • Moving on, let’s now jump right into the installation process.

How to download and install TutuApp for iPhone

TutuApp for iPhone
TutuApp free download, play pokemon go and all games

So as it doesn’t require your phone or iPad to be jailbroken, there is no need to do it via Cydia. Therefore the installation process becomes much easier.

  • Furthermore, there is also a VIP version of TutuApp for iPhone available in the market that you can download for $9.99 along with the free version.
  • However, in this tutorial, will be describing how you can install the free version on your iOS device.
  • So as there is no Cydia required to install TutuApp for iPad, the process can be done where the Safari web browser itself.
  • Just fire up the Safari web browser and o to this address https://www.tutuapp.vip/
  • You will be displayed with a lot of on-screen options. Make sure to select ‘add to home screen’ option.
  • This will pop up a new screen where you can rename the app icon, and you have to click on the ‘add’ button. This will enable you to install the TutuApp for iPhone in minutes.
  • So far so good, the app will be installed on your iOS device, and you can see the installed app on your home screen.
  • To make sure everything works fine you’ll have to adjust some settings.
  • Head over to the ‘settings’ app then goes to ‘general settings’ then to devise management.
  • You will be shown with the list of profile, make sure to select on the TutuApp for iPhone profile and tap on the ‘trust’ option.
  • You can now use the app freely.
  • Now you can open the TutuApp for iPad, and start looking for games and apps by the search option.
  • Simply, choose the app or game and press the get button it’ll get automatically installed on your device.
  • Furthermore, you will be required to trust every profile related to the game or app you will install via TutuApp for iPhone, to make it run properly.

TutuApp for iPad – Alternatives


We have all known how Cydia has helped a lot of users to install paid apps and games for free. This app doesn’t require any introductions whatsoever. Cydia is considered as one of the best third-party marketplaces. The only downside with Cydia is that it is available for only jailbroken devices.


This app also works on the similar principle of delivering online content that can be viewed and later on can be saved to the mobile devices. You can try this app also if you want to have a little bit more exposure to show the features.

Final Words

TutuApp for iPhone is by far one of the best apps that has been developed for iPhone and iPad. Sure, there are a lot of things that are still not made perfect in the latest version of TutuApp for iPad.

But the developer is working hard to meet the requirement of the users. If you face any issues while installing or downloading the app, you can reach us where the comment section.

Also, what all apps to use for downloading and streaming media for free, always visit our Main page, iPhoneiPadbuzz.com 



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