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TubeMate for iPhone : There are a lot of people out there who loves to watch videos and movies on their smartphones and tablets. With increasing popularity of media streaming apps, the demand for great quality content has also seen a rise. Tubemate is one beautiful app that enables the users to watch amazing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other online media streaming services.

We don’t always have an unlimited data pack or fast speed internet isn’t available always. Suppose you are in woods, camping with your school gang watching some video online, would you wait that long and allow the video to buffer? No, right?

TubeMate for iPhone

Tubemate for iPhone
Tubemate for iPhone, watch shows and movies

Well, Tubemate for iPad is an app that enables you to save the video that you are currently watching. The Tubemate for iPhone app is available for both iPhone and iPad via the official app store only, making the installation procedure painless.Let us know more about Tubemate for iPad, its peculiar features and how you can get it installed on your iOS devices.

File Information

TubeMate for iPhone
TubeMate Video Down-loader
              File Name        Tubemate
                Latest Version          3.1.5
                Last Update          06.26.2018
                Category          Video and Audio Downloders
                Downloads          50,275,496
                 Rating           4.2
                 MB           50.3 M

What is Tubemate for iPhone app?

Tubemate for iPad is an app that enables the users of iOS (both iPhone and iPad) to watch, download and then save the online streaming videos without any hassle.

You can watch videos from all the major video streaming service providers using the Tubemate without any disturbances. Ever got stuck with a slow internet connection? Don’t worry Tubemate for iPad got you covered; it enables the users to save the videos for offline viewing.

There are a lot of similar video players and streaming apps available on the market nowadays, but what makes Tubemate for iPhone different is the ability to choose the video streaming quality. The controls that are built into the app are genuine and authentic, which makes the Tubemate for iPad work like a charm. Let us know more about the features of Tubemate for iPhone.

Features of Tubemate for iPhone

  • The first and foremost thing that makes Tubemate great is its worldwide availability via the App Store.
  • Furthermore, the Tubemate for iPad app supports all the latest iOS devices such as iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8+ along with 2017 and 2018 iPad versions.
  • The download and buffering speed are blazingly fast, once you enter the download link the videos and movies gets downloaded in no time.
  • There is one wallpaper mode built right into the Tubemate for an iPad app, which allows the users to play around with the app while the videos and movies are downloading.
  • The ability to pick the resolution and the format of the file after its download also gives the app more bounty points.
  • It supports, avi, mp4, mkv, 3gp and other most popular file formats.
  • The Tubemate for iPhone has an intuitive user interface that allows the users for quick and easy navigation.
  • Unlike other video players and downloaders, there are no popups and ads in Tubemate for iPad.
  • You can also make use of the built-in audio converter to make sure that you can convert the video in your preferred audio format using Tubemate for iPhone.
  • Apart from that, locally stored audio and video files can also be played via the app itself.
  • The minimum installation requirement for Tubemate for iPad is iOS 7.0 and above.
  • There are over 100 different genres to choose from. A huge database library Tubemate for iPad offers.
  • The search functionality makes it easier for you to find your favorite video.
  • Use the favorite feature to bookmark any video that you like.
  • Now that we’ve taken a look at the features about the Tubemate for iPhone let us know more about how you can get the app installed on your iOS device.

How to download Tubemate for iPad app on your iOS device

TubeMate for iPhone
Tubemate video working screen shots

As it has been already mentioned that the Tubemate is available officially on the Apple’s App Store, there is no need of jailbreaking the device to get the app installed. Here is how you can download the app easily on your iPhone and iPad.

  1. Login to your App Store app by entering the correct credentials.
  2. Now, make sure to head over to the Search option and look for Tubemate for iPhone.
  3. Now, tap on the first result and then choose the ‘Get’ option.
  4. The Tubemate for iPad will automatically get installed on your iOS device.
  5. Furthermore, the app soon after its successful installation will appear on the home screen from where it can be launched.
  6. Recently there have been reports of some fake version that was spotted on the iTunes store.
  7. Make sure to stay away from that fake version. And always read the ratings and reviews posted by other users to keep yourself secure,

How to install Tubemate for iPhone – from a third party source

TubeMate for iPhone
TubeMate is best to listen music songs and videos shows

So, in case if you feel that the app that is listed on the Apple’s App store is fake, you’ll think that you are stuck? Well, Not at all. You can still install the app via a third party source. Follow the instructions for the Tubemate for iPad download on your iOS device.

  1. The first and foremost step is to look for Tubemate for iPhone cracked version on the internet.
  2. Download the .ipa file from your search sources.
  3. Now, wait for the app to get automatically installed. Once the app gets installed automatically, you aren’t done here.
  4. You additionally need to perform some more steps.
  5. Navigate to the Settings app on your iOS device and then go to General and look for the profiles for Tubemate for iPhone2.
  6. Now, ensure that the corresponding profile has been set to ‘Trusted.’
  7. Et voila! Now the Tubemate for iPhone will work fine.

There is only one downside of this method is that, as and when any new updates for Tubemate for iPad comes into the picture, you are then supposed to download the update manually. After that, you are needed to follow the steps mentioned above to install the latest version of Tubemate for iPad.

Alternatives for Tubemate for iPhone

Well, the internet is flooded with lots of media streaming, downloading and sharing apps. Tubemate for iPhone, on the other hand, works smartly in an intuitive manner.

But, there are a lot of apps that are way better than Tubemate. Here is our list of apps that you can give a try.

  • Hulu Plus
  • Roku Plus
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Terrarium
  • Popcorn time etc.

Find easy way to install all similar apps like TubeMate, Visit our home Page. Get Supported Emulators information and start downloading apps.



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