Jailbreak PS4 Tutorial: Download and Installation Guide


Jailbreaking PS4 is better than jailbreaking on any platform because it saves a lot of money. To enjoy playing games on PS4, you have to invest in a lot of games and most of new titles for PS4 are too expensive but by jailbreaking your PS4, you can enjoy playing games for absolutely free. Jailbreak PS4 There are some advantages and disadvantages of PS4 Jailbreaking. Let us start by discussing them.

Jailbreak PS4

Jailbreak PS4
Jailbreak PS4

Free Games: The biggest advantage of Jailbreak PS4 is that you can play games Jailbreak PS4 worth $70 for absolutely free. You can directly download PS4 games from unauthorised websites for free and then you can install them.

Install MODs: You can install game MODs just like you do it on pc with a Jailbroken PS4. There are many games in the market with a huge variety of MODs that you can install to a Jailbreak PS4 like GTA 5 etc.

Disadvantages of PS4 jailbreaking

Lose Warranty: Just like Jailbreaking on any platform, your warranty will void on PS4 too.

No Multiplayer: You can’t access to Multiplayer games with a jailbroken PS4 so you won’t be able to enjoy Multiplayer games like Fortnite etc. Now, let us talk about the availability of the Jailbreak for PS4. Currently, jailbreak is not available for the 5.55 version.  

So, if you are running on version 5.05 or lower then you will be able to jailbreak your ps4 without any kind of hassle but if you are running on version 5.55 then you will have to wait for the jailbreak to arrive for that version because there is no way to downgrade the software version on PS4. Jailbreak PS4 You can check your software version by going into the settings > About Device and then software version. So, if you are running on Version 5.05 or lower then you can follow the steps mentioned below to jailbreak your PS4 Console.

Steps to Jailbreak your PS4 Console

  • Step 1- Firstly, open the settings on your playstation 4 console and Go to the settings > Custom > DNS Settings. You will have to change DNS Network settings from here. Enter the following DNS Settings:
  • Step 2- Now, In the settings, go to the User Guide.
  • Step 3- Now from here, select your System software version. For example; If you are running on software version 5.05 then select 5.05 from their. After selecting your Software version, select MIra or hen from the available options.
  • Step 4- Now, the page will start loading and it may take some time. You may also get some pop up Storage space errors. There is no need to worry as it is pretty much normal. You can skip those error by pressing Ok on your playstation Console.
  • Step 5- Wait for “You’re Set” to pop up on your screen and whenever it arrives, go back to the home screen of Playstation 4 Console.

Congratulations! Your Playstation 4 Console has been successfully Jailbreak PS4 now you will be easily able to use all the jailbreaking facilities. Now, you have to verify that whether your Jailbreak  PS4 console has been jailbroken or not. To verify, follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Verify whether your PS4 Console is jailbroken or not

  • Step 1- Go into the Settings of your PS4.
  • Step 2- Jailbreak PS4 Make sure that there is an option under settings named “Debug settings”. If you are able to see those Debug settings in the settings with a star then it means that your PS4 console has been jailbroken but if you don’t find any debut settings under your settings then your console is not jailbroken yet.
  • Jailbreak PS4 If you don’t see any Debug settings then you must have done something wrong in the process. You can repeat the process again and maybe it will work.

Now, after the jailbreak completes. Jailbreak PS4 You will be able to install games on your PS4 directly by downloading them to your Playstation 4 Console. If you don’t know that how you can download and PS4 games onto the console then you can follow the steps mentioned below to do that.

Steps to Download and Install games on Jailbroken PS4 for free

Jailbreak PS4
Jailbreak your PS4 Console
  • Step 1– Jailbreak PS4 Download PKG games files for Playstation. PKG is the formation for playstation PS4 games. There are many websites available on the internet on which you can download these PKG games for PS4 for free. One of a popular website for downloading PKG games is ps4iso.net You can also download games from this website onto your computer.
  • Step 2- Now, you have to connect your PS4 to your computer/laptop which you downloaded the PKG game file.
  • Step 3- Copy that PKG game file and paste it into PS4 hard drive.
  • Step 4- Now, disconnect your PS4 from the computer and go to the files. From there, you will  be able to see the PKG game file. Just install the file from there and the installation process may take some time. This was a complete guide of PS4 jailbreaking where we have talked about almost every aspect of PS4 Jailbreaking.

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