Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial: Download and Installation Guide


Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial : Jailbreaking your iOS gives you access to a lot of thing. There are many benefits that you get after jailbreaking your iOS Device. Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial You can completely customize the themes, add new functionalities to stock or Third-Party applications, activate activator, prevent access to apps and files, change system font, Set default applications etc.

Jailbreaking your iOS device lets you explore the world of your the device in a better way with no boundaries. There are many advantages of Jailbreaking for iOS but there is one disadvantage too. Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial If you jailbreak any of your iOS device, then you will officially lose its warranty by Apple. So, we will recommend you to jailbreak your iOS device only if it’s warranty has been expired.

Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial

Jailbreak ios 11 tutorial
Jailbreak ios 11 tutorial

So, if you are someone who is looking for an in-depth tutorial explaining that, how you can easily Jailbreak iOS 11 without any kind of hassle then you are at the right place. Today, we will be taking a look at how you can Jailbreak iOS 11 Easily and we will also share all the necessary downloading links too so that it will be easier for you to Jailbreak your iOS device without any kind of hassle.

Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial We will be using Electra jailbreak to do this jailbreaking process. Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial Now, many of you might be wondering that What is Electra? Let’s firstly find the answer to this question.

What is Electra?

  • Electra Jailbreak toolkit is a semi-untethered jailbreak for all the iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Using Electra, you can jailbreak iOS versions range from iOS 11- 11.1.2.
  • It is developed by a well known Hacker and Developer, coolstar. It is one of the most common ways which people use to Jailbreak their iOS devices.
  • This was all about Electra. Now, we will head towards the main tutorial. The steps to Jailbreak your iOS device using Electra are mentioned below.

Steps to Jailbreak any iOS 11-11.1.2 using Electra

Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial
Jailbreak iOS 11 with electra
  • Step 1- Download the latest version of Electra. You can easily download it from the official website of Electra. Just type “Electra Jailbreak latest version” in any of web browser, visit the first webpage which occurs in the results. You can also visit the link mentioned below which will automatically redirect you to that website from where you can easily download the latest version easily. https://coolstar.org/electra/
  • Step 2- Install Cydia Impactor on your Computer. You can easily download Cydia Impactor from the link given below. http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/
  • Step 3- Connect your device to the computer and also check whether it is detected by Impactor interface or not. Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial If it appears on impactor interface then move ahead to the next step but if it does not appears on the impactor interface then make sure that you have connected it properly.
  • Step 4- Now, Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial you have to drag the electra file “Electra.ipa” onto the impactor which you downloaded in the Step 1. Also, enter your Apple ID and password when asked.
  • Step 5- Then, the app will be sideloaded to your Device and this process may take some time. Once the process of Slide Loading completes, Open the settings application on your device and Go to General, Profiles & Devices Management, Select your Apple ID and enter the details that you entered in the Step 4 and select Electra as trusted.
  • Step 6- Now, you will be able to see an Electra Icon on the home screen of your Device. Launch that application from your home screen and click on the Jailbreak option.
  • Step 7- After that, Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial the execution process will begin and it may also take some time to be completed. While execution, cydia will be also installed on your iOS device. Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial After the execution process completes, your device will automatically restart.
  • Step 8- When your phone restarts, launch the cydia application to tweak around the settings.

Note- Do not remove the default repositories as they contain the Electra files which should not be deleted.

When you will try to install your first tweak into the Cydia application then you will notice that some files will be also installed with that tweak. Jailbreak iOS 11 Tutorial There is nothing to worry about, those are just system files which will help Cydia to emulate that tweak properly so there is no need to delete or edit those files.

Congratulations! The Jailbroken process has been completed. Your iOS device have been successfully jailbroken. Now, you will be able to enjoy all the jailbroken facilities on your iOS Device. If your Jailbroken was not successful then make sure that you have followed all the steps correctly. You can also try the process again if it fails.

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