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iTube for iPhone : Nowadays, because of the huge increase in the smartphone and tablet users across the globe, the need for content has also seen exponential growth. There is not much growth seen in the demands of written content as compared to the visual content such as video.

People are now given choices to download and save the videos and music they see. But there are still some shortfalls in the native apps. iTube for iPhone, on the other hand, acts as a best alternate app for playing for all the videos that are stored on your device, it can also download and keep videos from the internet for free. Let us know more about iTube for iPad.

iTube for iPhone

iTube for iPhone is best app to play videos
iTube for iPhone

iTube for iPhone (later named as Playtube) is an app specially designed for iOS devices which enables the users to enjoy videos and music on demand for free.

iTube for iPad enables the users to manage their YouTube playlist and downloading on the go. Unfortunately, the app is not available on the Apple’s App Store because of some probable violations in their policies.

Furthermore, the app is packed with some features that are not available in YouTube native app, for that matter. Let’s know more about the peculiar features of iTube for iPad.

File Information

iTube for iPhone logo
iTube for iPhone best to download and listen music and watch videos
              File Name         iTube
                Latest Version            3.7.1
                Last Update            01.18.2018
                Category            Video and Audio Downloders
                Downloads            841,726
                Rating            2.7
                 MB            841.7 KB

Features of iTube for iPhone

  • iTube for iPhone is jam-packed with a tonne of features that anybody can be mesmerized with. Here are some features and reasons why you must pick iTube for iPad over any other app.
  • In the native YouTube app, we are not allowed to zoom into the video, and this may not be necessary for everybody, but some zooming is essential. iTube for iPad gives you double tap to zoom functionality.
  • You can download any video from YouTube via the iTube for iPad app.
  • Not only this, if you want to fetch the audio from a particular video, you can easily do that too.
  • And let me address the Elephant in the room, iTube for iPad is completely free, there are no subscription or downloading charges whatsoever.
  • Just like the native YouTube app, you get the usual search and navigation controls. But these controls in iTube for iPad are so much more polished. You can have some filters that you can apply.
  • We already talked about, downloading the audio and video files, but do you know that you can even download multiple audio and video files using iTube for iPhone?
  • Interconnectivity – you can always log in to your Google/YouTube account and access the playlists and other settings directly from your iTube for iPhone app.
  • All of these flawless features not only makes iTube for iPad a great competitor to the YouTube’s native app but also makes it the best app in the market. Let us now move on to the next section;

How to download and install iTube for iPhone

iTube for iPhone installation
iTube for iPhone play and listen music

So, we already have mentioned earlier that iTube for iPhone is not available officially on the App Store. Don’t worry; we have an alternate way to get the app installed on your iPhone and iPad.

  1. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned below carefully to enjoy all the features of this app. Let’s get started;
  2. Note- This method is valid for on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad.
  3. First of all download the Vshare app from
  4. once you enter on the website, you will be able to see download links for jailbroken and non jailbroken devices
  5. Pick the one you are currently using and begin the download process.
  6. Once the download is finished iTube for iPhone will automatically get installed.
  7. Now head over to the Settings menu on your iPhone and iPad and make sure that the Vshare app option is enabled under profiles.
  8. Now go to the home screen and launch the Vshare app.
  9. In the search box search for Playtube (the new name of iTube for iPhone)
  10. In the results displayed choose the iTube option for iOS devices.
  11. Now you can enjoy watching YouTube videos, and you can even download the audio and the video versions too.
  12. And the fun part is, unlike the native YouTube app you can save the downloaded files locally on your devices.
  13. These locally saved video and audio files can be accessed later whenever you want.
  14. So, by this method, you can easily install iTube for iPad and iPhone.
  15. Now let’s talk about some of the issues that can be annoying at times.

Playback error

This type of errors can occur because of some server issues or because of the slow speed of your internet connection.

To fix these issues make sure that you are on a strong Wi-Fi network

And while using the iTube for iPhone make sure that no other app is consuming data in the background.

Frequent app crashes

Sometimes because of the probable corruption in the internal data of the app, the app may behave abnormally and can even get force closed.

To fix such issues make sure that you are using the updated version of the app.

And you can also clear the cached data by going into the settings menu of the app.

If the problem persists, make sure to uninstall and reinstall the app.

iTube for iPhone, iPad Alternatives

So as we’ve already mentioned that, there are a lot of similar apps available on the market that serves the same purpose. Here are a few apps that you must try along with iTube for iPhone.


It is very popular amongst mobile enthusiasts. It lets users download an unlimited number of YouTube videos. You can also watch the video while it is downloading.


This app is known to be a pioneer, as this was the first app which gave users the ability to download and watching their favorite TV shows and music videos via YouTube and other online video platforms.

Final Words about iTube for iPad

This app is amongst one of the best freely available YouTube video down-loaders in the market. Additionally, you can also extract songs from these YouTube videos. What do you think? According to you which app is the best? Please share your valuable feedback. And if you face any issues during the installation of the app let us know in the comment section below. 

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