How to hide iPhone Apps


How to hide iphone apps :- Most of the times, many of us may like to hide some apps out there on our iPhones from public view. Does not matter if you have got the latest iPhone XS, the iPhone XR, the iPhone 7 or the little older iPhone 5, as long as your iPhone is running iOS 10 or later you are good to go. A lot of iPhone users have been trying to hide their iOS apps and sometimes the stock apps that come pre installed within the OS. Also, there are people who want to hide some specific apps from the public view in order to hide them from their family members due to several reasons.

How to hide iPhone Apps

How to hide iphone apps

Before the last iOS update, we were just able to update the iPhone Apps via 3rd party app, but the Spotlight search would probably just ruin the game. The spotlight search allows the iPhone users to find any apps easily which are available on their device. So, we also need to hide those apps from spotlight search in order to achieve a full hidden app.

The sad part here is, there is no official way up there to hide iPhone apps, but there are many people out there on the web who decided to use their clever minds and find out the solution. At last, we have got some pretty good ones. The good news is if your phone is running iOS 10 or higher, then you can easily hide the apps by Apple, such as the iTunes Store, the Reminders and Calculator tool.

In this article regarding “How to hide iPhone apps” we are going to check out some of the methods to hide iPhone apps on iOS 11. We are also going to check out some different methods to achieve the same result. Not only that but, in this article you are also going to know how to find those hidden iOS apps as well.

In this method, we are going to hide the iPhone apps deep inside a folder. The good thing about it is, you can have up to a whopping 12 pages of apps within just one folder. So, the basic concept remains to hide your apps along with some of the apps that you do not want to hide.  To do this, you would like to keep some of the apps that you do not want to hide over some of the first pages of the folder.

Additionally, if you have got some extra apps, you would also want to use them up to fill the first couple pages of the folder. As said earlier, with the help of this method you would like to hide those apps with many other apps within one folder. Now, let’s understand how to hide iPhone apps using folders:

  • As we are planning to hide our apps, our first goal should be keeping the folder as the second or third screen. So that one needs to swipe left from the main home screen to get over these pages.
  • Now, tap and hold an app until it shakes.
  • If you do not have got a folder already, simply drag one of the apps towards the other app that you want to put inside the folder. Once the apps overlap each other a folder is going to be created automatically.
  • If you already have got a folder filled out with other apps, you would like to add the app that you want to hide to that folder along with other apps. You may also want to fill up some more apps there so that your app gets hidden deep inside.

Tip: It is recommended to fill up the first page of the folder completely with the apps that can be publicly displayed in order to hide the app in a better way.

  • To create a new page inside a folder, hold and then drag an app within the folder towards the right side. A new page is going to automatically get created.

Tip: It is also recommended to hide your apps within the second and third pages.

  • The main point to note is, one folder can have up to 12 pages within them. Each page must have 1 app within them, so you can easily keep 10 or 11 of your most used apps at first and keep the hidden ones at the last.

This method may not make the app completely hidden but this does make the app go out of sight from the public view. This also makes sure that no one will accidentally come across that app by any chance. One is only going to see the app when he or she opens the app and swipe through the pages.

Hide iPhone apps on iOS 11 (Stock Apps)

How to hide iphone apps
Hide iPhone apps on iOS 11

You can easily hide the stock iOS apps if your iPhone is running iOS 10 or greater variant. To hide iPhone apps on iOS 11 or iOS 10 which came along the system follow the process below:

  • Tap and hold the stock app that you want to hide until it shakes.
  • Now, tap the ‘x’ in the corner of the stock Apple apps you want to delete.

In case, you want to get them back in the future, you can easily go to the app store and search for the same app.

Hide iPhone apps on iOS 11 from Spotlight search

How to hide iphone apps
Hide iPhone apps on iOS 11 from Spotlight search

Now as we have already answered the question “How to hide iPhone apps” and now you know how to hide iPhone apps on iOS 11, we are going to show you how to hide iPhone apps on iOS 11 from spotlight search. Also, note that you won’t be able to search for the app either unless you turn it back on in settings.

To hide the apps from spotlight search, follow the process below:

  • Open settings
  • Tap on general
  • Next, tap on Spotlight search
  • Under the search results, you can toggle off any of the apps you want to be hidden from spotlight search.



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