3 cool things you can do with a tablet

When a user receives a new tablet, be it a gift or a decision to pamper themselves (and why not ?!), they will most likely discover some of the interesting things that this device format can make. Of course, most tech users are already aware that their new laptop friend is ideal for surfing the web, reading e-books, watching videos, playing games, listening to music, and taking photos. All of the above by touching, sliding and moving quickly with your fingertips. But, like what is commonly said about the human brain, it is estimated that we only use 10 percent of what our tablets and their processors (digital brains) can do.

“There is a wide difference between low-cost tablets and high-performance computers that are also ultra light. The latter allow people to make the most of the computer as a task and content creator, not just an image and text reader. It is important to know the capacity that tablets with high processing can have, so that those who acquire them take advantage of them . ”, Expressed Marisol de la Fuente - Communications Manager and PR Intel Cono Sur

Along these lines, Intel and its applications optimized for tablets with an Intel processor, provides a list of ideas to discover 3 cool things that you can do with it and that many might not know yet.

1.-A (portable) note-taking machine. Thinking of users who are in school or university (or have to take a lot of notes at work), the right tablets can do the hard work in a very cool way . If you think about using a tablet in an educational setting or a secretarial desk, there are many examples: Taking notes, solving equations, calculating costs, and reducing the huge pile of textbooks needed every day. “High-performance tablets are today with Android and Windows operating systems, allowing both to use worksheets on the mobile device, just as if you were in front of a PC. Even some apps like Groovy Notes ,they help to work by scanning notes by hand and transcribing them to digital, or taking annotations of audio recordings from the tablet ”, explained De la Fuente.

With a high-performance Tablet and available applications, such as lagger pro. You can do more with your notes than you can on paper.

2.-Give children a voice. With applications like using email, video conferencing and the Internet, tablets are a very practical communication tool, but they are especially useful for those who have difficulty speaking, or cannot. Through tablets with voice recognition capabilities and applications such as WhiteBoard found in different operating systems, autistic children and others with learning disabilities can use technology to communicate with parents and caregivers. In this case, the tablet screen, thanks to these types of apps, is covered with symbols that represent words, letting the kids touch them to create phrases that the tablet's player emits. There are different applications, there are some that help children with speech-language problems to improve their diction thanks to the interaction with tablets as a game.

“ Today's technology in high-performance tablets allows us very advanced uses. However, we are very close to having more impressive technology in the Latin American market, which will take this type of use to the next level. Intel's Real Sense for tablets is one example. We will soon be able to find equipment with 3D cameras and gesture control, which will allow us to use the human body to handle a device without touching it. From exploring a toy and duplicating it with a 3D printer to radically changing the lighting in an image taken a week ago, ”said Marisol de la Fuente, Communications Manager and PR Intel Cono Sur .

3.- Scan documents or recipes. Naturally, people don't carry a flatbed scanner around to digitize when things like documents, receipts, business cards, or sketches are needed. But many high-performance tablet apps can turn your device into a powerful - and portable - scanner, via the device's camera. There are various applications such as Genius Scan PDF Scanner that allows you to scan documents and also clarify the images taken.

“Both this use and so many others correspond to an invitation to care about the equipment that we acquired in the first place. Make sure you have the performance and design conditions that matter to us. Looking at the processor is important, and also, once acquired, take full advantage of the capacity that it can offer, trying new uses each time, "said Marisol de la Fuente.