Xiaomi also has a tablet that stands up to the iPad

Xiaomi has an extensive catalog of products of all kinds, some of them totally unknown to the general public. This is because a significant percentage of their devices have not made the leap to Europe, although that does not always mean that they have not succeeded here, and is that as has happened with the Redmi Airdots , sometimes sellers prefer to import them directly from China. to do business outside the brand.

One of the products that is not officially for sale in Spain is the Xiaomi tablet, the Mi Pad 4, which hit the market at least a couple of years ago and is presented as one of the main Android alternatives to the iPad 10 , 2 . For benefits, it is a mid-range tablet, although right now you can buy it for only 169 euros in AliExpress .

It has a Full HD screen and Snapdragon 660 as a processor, in addition to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage . It is more than enough for Android to fly in practically any circumstance, hence the fluidity has become one of the main characteristics of this tablet.

Although it is not officially for sale in Spain, the version that we link to AliExpress is multi-language, that is, as soon as you turn it on and during the configuration process you can choose to put it in the language that suits you best .

As with practically all Xiaomi products, this Android tablet makes the most of its value for money. 166 euros is a low price, even though the market for tablets has been gradually moving towards the low cost. It is certainly a much cheaper tablet than the 10.2 iPad that currently costs €379 .

Obviously, there are differences between the two models, mainly the operating system. The long-term durability of the iPad is what has helped it to position itself as the benchmark tablets, the same argument that all Apple products use in general, and with good reason.

However, we are talking about a tablet, the Mi Pad 4, which costs less than half and which has characteristics that are very difficult to find in our country below 200 or 300 euros, so obviously it is a strong candidate to have. consider.