The 5 best Huawei tablets of 2020 - comparison and opinions

If you are thinking of buying a Huawei tablet, in this guide you will find five models of the brand that stand out for their excellent value for money.

Huawei tablets (known as MediaPads) stand out for their power, performance and competitive price. These characteristics have made the Asian firm already the second best-selling Android tablet manufacturer in the world, only behind Samsung.

The truth is that Huawei tablets are becoming more powerful, light, resistant and thin. In addition, the functionalities of the MediaPads are at the height of the most demanding users and the variety of models makes it easy to find the most suitable for your needs.

Below you will find the analysis and opinion of the 5 best Huawei tablets according to our tests.

The 5 best Huawei tablets

Five models for five different needs. There is no one better than another, but you may find the one that meets the characteristics that best suit your needs

1- Huawei MediaPad M5 10

The 2,560 x 1,600 pixel 2K widescreen display incorporates a technology that improves brightness and clarity, the Huawei ClariVu. This, added to the good power of the speakers, forms an ideal set to enjoy multimedia content.

The cameras (8 Mpx front and 13 Mpx rear) fulfill their function correctly, without being particularly prominent. But if you look inside it, what allows you to start the tablet and load pages and applications with speed and agility is the Octa-Core Kirin 960 processor that, in fact, offers performance comparable to high-end tablets.

On the other hand, the 7,500 mAh battery has a satisfactory duration: in a two-hour movie it barely consumes between 6 and 8%. The built-in quick charge function makes it possible to watch an hour and a half of video after 30 minutes of charging.

A couple of extras that we find interesting are the fingerprint reader and the split screen function to be able to carry out two tasks at the same time.

However, we miss the 3.5 mm audio jack (the standard), although it does come with an adapter with which to connect the headphones. It also does not have an HDMI port, to see the image on television it is necessary to buy an adapter separately.

This 10.8-inch model is available in a version with WiFi or WiFi + LTE connectivity. There is also an 8.4-inch version for just a few euros less. Both are exactly the same, except for the size and arrangement of the speakers.

2- Huawei MediaPad M3

The MediaPad M3 is a slightly smaller model than the 8.4-inch M5, but with extremely similar characteristics in terms of design and multimedia capabilities, except for the CPU and operating system.

Externally, we find a casing made of a single piece of aluminum, which makes it a very light tablet (310 grams, exactly like the 8.4-inch M5) and solid. We found the stylized curves of the design visually very attractive.

The quality and clarity of the image are defined by the 2K LED screen with 2,560 x 1,600 pixels resolution, although it must be taken into account that the DRM (digital rights management) is level 3. Due to this, the streaming services of paid (Netflix, HBO GO, etc.) are not played in HD or Full HD, only in standard quality (480p).

Even so, it continues to be a good option for multimedia content. The two speakers are prepared to reproduce sound with an immersive feeling, as they have been designed once again by Harman Kardon.

The dynamic brightness control allows you to take care of your eyes when using this tablet in various degrees of ambient light and for different tasks, from browsing to reading an e-book. Likewise, it has a front and rear camera, both of 8 Mpx.

Inside it incorporates a Kirin 950 processor, which gives it good performance and energy efficiency. This, together with its 5,100 mAh battery, gives it an average autonomy of 8 hours.

As we mentioned, the Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system is already somewhat outdated, but this is not really a problem since it can be updated to later versions.

The practical and secure fingerprint sensor is also integrated. Although it does not have HDMI either, this model does include a headphone jack.

3- Huawei MediaPad T5

We are facing the basic range MediaPad, but despite this, quite complete. It has all the essentials to offer a satisfactory experience, although it is evident that it lacks extra details that superior models do have.

The outer shell is correct, made of symmetrical metal. Huawei is not going to plastics and presents a simple and lightweight design.

Among its strengths, we have the 10.1-inch screen of good quality Full HD. Its 1,920 x 1,200 resolution is capable enough to provide good detail and acceptable sharpness. The dual speakers do the job, but they don't particularly stand out.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is to underline the good relationship between performance and power consumption that the power of its Octa Core Kirin 659 A53 CPU allows. Together with the 5,100 mAh battery it obtains a range of close to 9 hours, although it is true that the charging time is a little higher than average. Besides, it has software is Android 8.0 installed with EMUI 8.0., Which together with the processor confirms a general performance appropriate for everyday tasks.

It seems to us that the cameras do not contribute much, since the rear is 5 Mpx and the front one is just 2 Mpx. In reality, many users do not use their tablet to take photos. If this is your case, then don't worry about this detail.

Something that we do believe is a good advantage is that it is possible to select combinations adaptable to your needs. You can choose between 2 + 16 GB or 3 + 32 GB memories, and also between WiFi or WiFi + 4G connectivity.

4- Huawei MediaPad T3 10

At a fairly reasonable price, Huawei bets on the MediaPad T3 for those users who do not demand exhaustive use of their tablet but who do not resist having one either.

If we compare it with the MediaPad T5, we notice differences in favor of the latter, especially in terms of performance, image and sound. We explain our impressions a little better:

Without giving up the slim and minimalist style that characterizes the brand, the case is durable as well as easy to hold (it is made of anodized aluminum instead of the usual plastic in the basic range).
The IPS screen with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels falls short of resolution for users who intend to watch movies or play video games with great graphics. However, the Blue Light Eye Comfort mode greatly reduces eyestrain, so it is perfect for checking and replying to e-mail, connecting to social networks, reading the news or even e-books. It has a single speaker.
We consider that the cameras are merely testimonial, since the rear is 5 Mpx and the front is only 2 Mpx.

The Snapdragon processor and dual-band WiFI connection do their job, but they can't be compared to more developed technologies. Without a doubt, the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system with EMUI 5.1 Lite helps that speed is not a problem, as long as we take the precaution of not overloading it with many windows and open applications.

The battery is very tight, 4,800 mAh, but it complies if the user is limited to the use for which this tablet was designed (basically watching movies and browsing the Internet).

You can configure it according to your preferences by choosing it in versions in 10, 8 or 7 inches and with WiFi or WiFi + 4G connectivity.

5- Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 10

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The M5 Lite is also 23g lighter than the M5, but the rest of its features are pretty much the same. That means that the internal memory, as well as the qualities of the battery, the quality of the Harman Kardon speakers and the rest of its functionalities are the same.

So why choose the M5 Lite over the M5? Logically there is a price difference that may or may not be significant, it depends on whether in your particular case the savings compensate for the loss of benefits.

The M5 Lite, like its older sister, is sold in versions with WiFi, or with WiFi + LTE Internet connectivity (3G / 4G).